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While conceiving the idea of CELL, we want to create a lamp which sculpts the wall space through light and shadow. Furthermore, when the light turns off, also CELL itself can be a pure and perfect sculpture as well.


We use 3D printing technology and LED ‘s minimization feature to produce the structure of CELL. Moreover, we place electronic component into the hollow structure to give product still more purity, sense of visual penetration and super-light weight.


During the development process, numerous tests have been done in order to achieve the best effect of light and shadow, and meanwhile also to minimize power consumption, material, component and weight.


CELL is made by 3D printer with laser sintering, utilizing PA 2200 nylon. And through dyeing process, it can be customized in different colors.


The excess powder produced during laser sintering process can be recycled again as raw materials for 3D printing. This process minimize waste of material.



Year  2018

Technology  Laser Sintering 3D Printing, LED

Material  PA 2200 Nylon

CELL 03.jpg

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