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FOREST WIZARD is a device system to prevent a forest fire, which combines a chip of detecting a fire (The inspiration of this chip comes from a black fire beetle, which can trace a fire. We extract the DNA from the black fire beetle to develop a chip that can detect location and intensity of a fire within the range 0.8km diameter.) Combining GPS, communication device, relief workers are able to:


To create a fire detection network in the forest, we set the product every other fixed distance. So relief workers can simply be aware of intensity, location and direction of the fire through monitors at the first time. Also, relief workers can accurately arrive at the fire scene to rescue by helicopters or other transportation. It can achieve to make the rescue action more efficient.


What’s more, FOREST WIZARD can deliver forest fire messages to travelers’ mobile phone at the first time. This can warn them to stay away from a fire immediately and guide them to a safe direction. Even if there is no fire, the system could prevent travelers to get lose in the wide forest.

This design is suitable for putting into the locations of a conservation area and a fire focus area. In the future, forest will be protected by this FOREST WIZARD product.

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