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In architecture industry, marble slate has been a large building material. From mining to construction, most marble will be defined to defect by man-made (in contrast, defect is the feature of natural stone.) So that 50% waste materials are produced (annual output is 1.1million tonne.)


After realizing the process of production and manufacturing of stone materials, hoping through the existing processing technology of marble slate (by cutting, polishing, anti-rust and protection painting) which to renew and transferring the waste materials to become products by design, and to create its worth again.


TERRACE is a multi-functional tray which is using the waste materials of marble slate to redesign and develop.

The design is to connect marble sheet with plastic base, according to the thickness of plastic base to create the sense of visual suspension, and to reduce the heaviness of marble. At the same time, using the feature of material hardness (marble hardness is bigger than 3 and plastic hardness is smaller than 3) that achieve the desired effect of scratch proof when putting on the table and stack each other.

Additionally, through the monochrome plastic base to reduce the colorful marble which to make the sense of sight achieve the beauty of color balance.


Through 3 kinds of different form and every unique color and texture of marble, the users can stack and put it whatever they want, just like TERRACE in nature.



Year  2018

Technology  Water Jet Cutting, Laser Cutting

Material  Waste Materials of Marble, Plastic

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