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TIME CAPSULE, a project including jewelry box, bracelets and rings, is a design which combines traditional lacquer craftsmanship and metal 3D printing technology.


In traditional lacquer craft culture, natural lacquer is an extremely rare and precious painting material to conserve objects to last. It’s the reason why lacquer objects are often used to be as dowry. Dowry is a very important custom in Taiwanese wedding culture to connect people of different generation and hand down family love going over time. Therefore, we want to conserve this beautiful meaning into our jewelry design.


During the creating process, we keep reflecting different forms of love connection. We realized that love is an unique sentimental status and it goes over any time limit. So, we use heart shape, through the continuous deformation and connection of topology, to create a modern and fluid flowing circle aspect. Any horizontal cut of this circle aspect would show a heart shape. It shows how everyone of us loves each other in its own way, and how we are connected all together in the same time. However the aspect changes, it’s always an unique form of love and be loved.


Lacquer craftsmanship and 3D printing technology complete each other in the production process. When chasing the modern technology, meanwhile the traditional lacquer craftsmanship’s value has been conserved. Through this combination, we express a perfect connection and fusion of different generation.


The jewelry box with bracelets and rings inside is just like a time capsule which goes across the ages. This is a completely renewed dowry and jewelry design which goes over time and space to connect the love of different generation.

Year  2020

Technology  Lacquer Craftsmanship, Metal 3D Printing

Material  Lacquered Metal

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