Y modular furniture system includes component Y, sphere connector, straight connector, end connector, trestle connector, and LED module. By assembling several components Y with different angle connectors, it creates a series of different functional products such as light system, screen, trestle table and even spaces.


All components can be intuitively assembled and disassembled. User can easily compose products to fulfill any requirement in different spaces. At the same time, it will facilitate the repair and replacement, and also save transport and storage space.


LED module can be easily assembled with any component Y. Thus, it creates diverse atmosphere around the space by different color temperatures and beam angles of the light.

We use plastic injection molding as material and take advantage of modular design to maximize function variety, to extend the lifespan, and meanwhile also to minimize the consumption of production costs and resources.



Year  2018

Technology  Injection Molding, LED

Material  Plastic

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